How it works...



Our first meeting is normally held on-site, where we can get to know each other, show you our portfolio and chat through ideas with the aim of establishing a brief.

Our aim is to understand clearly how you want to use your garden and then to select shapes, materials and plants that create a good aesthetic balance, in a style that matches your tastes and preferences, and is in empathy with the surroundings.

We are careful to generate realistic concepts that are perfectly feasible to achieve. And in seeking the most satisfactory design solutions we will explore the options with you, to identify those that best fit your style preferences and budget.

We have developed a four-step design process that will take us through the creative and practical steps of planning and designing your garden.

Step 1.   Involves us making a comprehensive site survey so that we can produce a scale outline of your garden onto which sketches can be drawn. We then arrange a follow-up meeting to discuss our proposal and illustrate our ideas.

Step 2.    Is to amend the initial sketch design to incorporate any changes discussed during our meeting and seek an estimate for the landscaping work from the most appropriate of our preferred landscapers.

Step 3.   Produce a detailed design, choose the materials and seek a more detailed estimate from our chosen landscaper.

Step 4.   Agree a suitable start date and reserve a slot in the landscaper’s schedule.

After the excitement of the design process, construction begins. But don’t worry; our preferred landscapers are very practiced at minimising disruption to your normal lifestyle. You’ll find them to be approachable and trustworthy, and they will treat your home with respect.


All you need to do now is sit back and watch your fabulous new garden take shape. At first there will be utter chaos, but the point will soon be reached at which order is restored, and the design unfolds as a reality.


It was easy for us to choose Green Dot Gardens. Others couldn’t offer the complete solution we were after. Jamie Higham simply delivered on his promise from design to completion. His approach was friendly, he was sympathetic to our requirements and budget without pressure to commit. Having been around for the whole process, I witnessed the sheer hard work the guys put in. Even in the worst of the rain, they just got on with it. I can’t praise them, or the quality of their work, highly enough.
Steve Bastable, Windsor