Plan ahead now for the garden you have always dreamed of

Jamie Higham from Green Dot shares his top design tips

Plan ahead:
You can get the garden you want in time for next summer by talking to a designer now. Construction work can be booked in and planting early in the season will give your garden a mature look by the end of the first summer.

Think about how you use your garden:
Do you need an area to relax in and somewhere the kids can play or is your garden a space to entertain in, with outdoor cooking and dining facilities.


Your garden is another room:
You can achieve an seamless link between the interior and exterior of your home by choosing complementary materials and thinking about the view from the house through the garden.


What do you need to store in your garden?
Most of us have more than just a trowel or a spade that needs a home in the shed. Bicycles, bins, recycling and toys can all be accommodated in a well-planned garden. Specially designed built in stores will give you somewhere discreet to put things away and give you lots more space in your garden.

Front gardens are important too:
Make a good impression with a smart path and a place for your bins and bikes. Green Dot specialises in designing discreet stores that will give you more space and help to reduce everyday clutter.

Lighting in the garden:
This shouldn’t be an afterthought. All the electrics and cabling can be done more efficiently if it’s factored into the project from the beginning. Lighting your outdoor room adds a whole new dimension and you’ll appreciate this is not only on those summer evenings, but also through the winter as your beautiful garden is it up on dark night.

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