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Our Specialities

Our specialities


We often find ourselves designing the more tricky gardens that other designers struggle to tackle - such as sloping gardens which can only really be expressed in our 3D modelling. We also take pride in our ability to make really efficient use out of small spaces - making them very useable 'outdoor rooms' with built in seating, bars and outdoor fire-places. We continue to develop clever ways to incorporate kids into gardens - using attractive, yet engaging play structures which double as storage and other garden rooms. Tackle a look at a few of these ideas and please don't think your challenging garden cannot be overcome!

I was really pleased with not only the end result, but also the way in which the team worked patiently and imaginatively to design something I could never have had the creativity to suggest myself! The onsite team was hard working and polite. I was particularly pleased to experience the same level of commitment to the after care as to the original design and execution.
Elizabeth, SW4